Whirlpool Recalls Glass Cooktops With Touch Controls Due to Burn Hazards

November 15, 2019
Oven Repair

Have you purchased a glass cooktop from Whirlpool in the last few years with touch controls? You may want to break out that owner’s manual and check the model number to see if it is affected by Whirlpool’s most recent product recall.

Unfortunately, this recall involves a large array of glass cooktops manufactured by Whirlpool, so if yours has touch controls and is either a radiant or downdraft radiant model, you need to look into it. This effects not only those sold under the Whirlpool brand but the company’s sister brands of JennAir and KitchenAid as well. If you purchased a glass cooktop under any other these brands from March 2017 to August 2019, you will need to investigate. To discover if your specific cooktop is affected, you can look up your model number on Whirlpool’s website.

Owners of this cooktop are strongly advised to disconnect power at the circuit breaker when they are not using it and to keep any and all flammable materials away from it when it is connected to the power. Whirlpool is offering free installation of a replacement cooktop for those involved. The issue is that there have been 133 reports to Whirlpool about the cooktop and its touch controls actually turning on by itself. This has resulted in property damage from fires and some minor burn injuries.

If your glass cooktop is affected, unfortunately, you will need to contact the manufacturer immediately. The problem involved in this recall involves the touch controls which cannot be disabled. However, Whirlpool is offering a free replacement for those affected. You can go to their website to see if your stove is affected and to schedule a free replacement appointment. Models of stove involved in the recall were also sold in Canada and Mexico if you know anyone else that may be affected.


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