How to Replace The Glass Top on Your Electric Stove

October 7, 2019
Oven Repair

It was most definitely an accident. You dropped a jar or a can, and oops! You now have a crack on your glass cooktop. It is frustrating and a crack in the wrong spot can become a shock hazard. While there are plenty of ways you can investigate to repair the glass top itself, the most effective way to deal with cracks is to replace the entire glass top. If this is what you have chosen to do, here’s how to get it installed. These are generalized instructions and these steps can vary based on the model and manufacturer of the cooktop.

Before beginning, shut off the electricity to your stove by either unplugging it or shutting it off at the circuit breaker. Now you will need to remove the old glass. On ranges, you will find screws to do so. On built-in cooktops, you will need to pull the cooktop out of the counter cutout and unthread the screws on the side. You will also need to disconnect the wires at the junction box before you can pull it out completely.

If you have multiple deep cracks, you need to be very careful when you remove the old glass top. The deeper the crack is, the more likely it becomes that shattering or another breakage can occur. Getting small glass shards out of the inner workings underneath is not easy and can be dangerous to exposed hands.

You will need to lift the old glass top up very slowly so you can disconnect the wire harness underneath. Afterward, the old glass panel can be removed and the new one can be put on. You will want to position it, at first, like it is the open hood of a car. This will allow you to line up two of the edges and easily connect the wire harness. As you lower it down, you can make sure it is in the proper position on all sides so you can secure it and reinstall it.


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