How to Replace the Deflector in Your GE Oven

September 3, 2020
Oven Repair

Your GE gas oven model JGBC20WEHWW is equipped with an oven deflector. The deflector is located on the underside of the oven’s bottom panel. Its main purpose is spreading the burner flames to the sides of the oven, which allows the oven cavity to heat evenly. When the component becomes warped or the burner flame burns a hole through the metal, the oven will heat unevenly, meaning you’ll need to replace the deflector. Luckily, switching out the component for a new one is a repair most people can perform on their own. If you would like to replace the deflector in your oven, follow the step-by-step directions provided below.

Oven Repair Safety Tips

  • Before you start repairing your oven, unplug the appliance and turn off its gas supply.
  • Always protect your hands and eyes during a repair by wearing work gloves and safety goggles.
  • If you run into any issues while replacing the oven deflector, please stop what you are doing and contact a professional appliance repair technician.

How to Replace the Deflector in Your GE Oven

  1. Open the oven door about halfway, and then grab each side of the door and lift it up and off the oven.
  2. Take out both oven racks.
  3. Using your quarter inch nut driver, unthread the screws securing the bottom panel to the oven. Then, lift the panel out of the appliance.
  4. Place the oven’s bottom panel upside down on a flat surface.
  5. To remove the oven deflector, use your quarter inch nut driver to take out the screws holding it to the bottom panel, and then lift the part off the panel.
  6. Place the new deflector on the oven’s bottom panel, and secure it by tightening its screws with your quarter-inch nut driver.
  7. Put the bottom panel with the new deflector back in the oven cavity, and replace its screws.
  8. Reinsert the oven racks and reinstall the oven door by sliding it onto its hinges and opening it all the way.

If your oven is heating unevenly or not heating at all, please contact us today and one of our highly trained appliance repair technicians will diagnose and fix the malfunction.


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