How to Disassemble The Oven Door and Clean The Glass

June 8, 2020
Oven Repair

You scrub and you scrub, but the stains on your oven door just don’t come out. While it is possible that the glass is permanently tinted after having that food baked on for so long, it is also possible that what you want to scrub is inside the oven door. Due to the ambient heat, occasionally food particles can actually get inside your oven door and settle on the inside rim of the glass.

If this is the case or you need to take apart your oven door to do something like replacing cracked glass, the process is actually easier than you would think. These steps can vary by brand and are generalized.

Start by lowering the oven door fully. Once done, you can flip the hinge locks in the corners, lift the door partially closed and lift it up and out. This will allow you to fully disassemble it.

Now locate the screws at the corners of the inner trim and remove them. This will allow you to lift the inner panel off. Now this will give you access the to inner rim of the glass, which is typically were most grim ends up, but if you notice that it is on the other side as well, you simply need to remove the screws that are securing the glass. This will allow you to pick the glass up. This step is necessary if you intend to replace your oven door glass because it is cracks or permanently tinted.

Once the glass is loose, you can flip it over to clean the inside or replace it. You will also want to clean the interiors of the front and back trim. If there are food particles on the glass, it is likely these are dirty as well. If you don’t wipe them down, that grime will just come back much sooner.

Once done, reassemble your oven door and slide the hinges back in.. You will simply need to close the door to engage the hinge locks again.


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