Replacing a Drive Belt in a Kenmore Dryer

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If your dryer seems to work as designed, but the tub is not actually rotating, then the most likely cause is a broken dryer belt. Dryers operate using a drive belt that helps to rotate the tub with a motor. However, if this belt has come loose or broke during the last use, the tub will not rotate. The heat … Read More

5 Unique Movie Theaters in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is famous for making movies, but our city also has some very interesting places to watch them too. Here are 5 of our favorite theaters for families, film buffs, and more. TCL Chinese Theatre: It may be the most famous movie theater in the world, and now its technology is as special as its history. Some people still … Read More

Installing a New Heating Element in an Electric Oven

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In your electric oven, it’s cooking power comes as a result of two heating elements – one heating element at the top of the oven and another hidden away at the bottom of the oven. If one element is faulty, then the cooking power of your oven drops significantly. Either element could go bad, and typically, this is diagnosed visually. … Read More

Replacing the Control Panel on Your Dishwasher

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Do your buttons on your dishwasher stick when you press them? Do functions not work if you press the buttons? Do you need to use significant force to get a button to work? If you answered yes to any of those questions, it might be time to replace your dishwasher control panel. Unlike other parts, the control panel can wear … Read More

Dishwasher Not Starting? Look to the Door Latch

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When no matter what you try, your dishwasher simply won’t start at all, you may think you have a major repair on your hands. While there are some cases in which more crucial parts may fail and prevent the dishwasher from starting, typically you would notice symptoms before it breaks down completely. Instead, the cause of your dishwasher not starting … Read More

What to Do When a Washer Pops Open Mid-Cycle

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You’ve had your front-load washer for years, and it has done its job admirably. However, one day, you put your clothes in the wash, the door latches, the wash cycle start, but in the middle of it, the door unlatches and opens. Clothes, soap, and water are spilling out everywhere. It’s complete bedlam. However, while this question may wait until … Read More

3 Amazing Food Museums in Los Angeles

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If you like art that you can eat, you’ll want to visit these 3 Los Angeles museums devoted to food and drink. Find out more about these local attractions that will help you to appreciate what’s on your plate. The Pacific Food & Beverage Museum: Celebrate the culinary traditions of California and beyond. Museum programs include gallery exhibitions and special … Read More