Why a Gas Oven Makes A Boom When Preheating?

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Whenever gas is involved, any noise can be ever so slightly terrifying. It is a highly flammable affair, after all. So when your gas oven is preheating and you hear a boom, it is often cause for the homeowner to worry. While this isn’t a normal noise that your gas oven should make, the good news is that it may … Read More

Elton John to Play For Los Angeles One Last Time

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Even those who aren’t fans of his music can recognize that Elton John is a music legend. In 2018, his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour was announced, and furthermore, deemed to be his very last touring experience. This tour marks a half-century spent on the road for Elton John, a musician that has now made it to the tender age … Read More

How to Replace the Bearing Rings in Your Roper Dryer

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If the clothes coming out of your Roper dryer model RGD4516FWhave odd marks on them, and your appliance is louder than usual, the bearing rings, which sit on the top and bottom lip of your dryer are likely damaged. Replacing the rings is a simple repair job and should take you no more than an hour or two. How to Replace … Read More

Why Isn’t My Dishwasher Drying Dishes?

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A dishwasher is a convenient thing. It is nice to not have to wash and dry each individual dish after a meal, but when your dishwasher isn’t drying your dishes then you have a problem. Water spots aren’t pretty, and having to dry each individual dish after a wash cycle kind of takes away some of the convenience. When dishes … Read More

How to Install a Water Filter in a Samsung Refrigerator

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If you want to continue to enjoy clean, cool water from your Samsung refrigerator, then eventually you will need to change the filter. You want to replace this filter not only due to the excellent crisp taste you get, but a clogged water filter will eventually impede your refrigerator’s ability to dispense water. So if your refrigerator is pestering you … Read More

Fixing a LG Faulty Flow Meter

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This is one of those issues that you might miss at first, right up until you open your LG dishwasher and find dirty dishes, that is. The primary issue is that your dishwasher appears to work as normal. It fills up fine with water, but right before it starts the wash cycle, it drains again. It could stop or it … Read More

Replacing the Noise Filter on a Samsung Top-Load Washer

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With a busy lifestyle, there may be nothing more frustrating than a broken-down appliance, especially a washing machine. If your Samsung top-load washer has been excessively noisy, like static, or if the power simply is not working it could be the noise filter. The machine’s power goes through the noise filter and then out to the control board. Checking the … Read More

Whirlpool Microwave Hood Unit Recalls

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In August 2016, Whirlpool recalled several models of its microwaves with hood units. This recall was performed in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission. The recall is still in action. The recall number is 16-253. Why the Recall? It was found there was a fire hazard when in use the internal arching could potentially ignite a plastic component … Read More