Can You Repair a Broken Microwave Display?

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Is the display or control panel on your microwave having issues? Do the buttons just not respond? Is the display not showing anything or is what it shows deformed in some way? These are issues, and they can be highly disruptive ones at that. However, if your display or control panel are having issues on a microwave, can you actually … Read More

How to Test a Moisture Sensor in a Clothes Dryer

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It used to be that dryers functioned purely on timed settings. You would choose a cycle and it would run for a predetermined time. Modern dryers still have that, but the default setting is now a cycle that lengthens and shortens based on how wet the actual clothing is. This is thanks to the addition of a moisture sensor. This … Read More

How to Replace a Fuse in a Microwave

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Microwaves, as we so often forget, are dangerous appliances. Even when unplugged they can hold a lethal charge in the capacitors. Because the appliance needs to amplify power in order to function, it does come equipped with quite a few safety features. One such feature is a fuse. Your microwave may have different fuses, but they serve the same purpose. … Read More

When to Replace a Gasket on a Washing Machine

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As a water-using appliance, your washer comes with a plastic gasket around the edge. In front load washers, this piece of pliable plastic forms a seal when the door is closed, preventing any of the wash water that is touching it from escaping. Unfortunately, any seal, over time, will begin to age. When that happens, you need to replace the … Read More

How to Check a Front Load Washer’s Drain Trap

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Is your washer having some problems draining properly? This is a common issues that can have a number of causes. However, before you start shopping for replacement drain motors or looking up appropriate standpipe adjustments, there is one super easy culprit you can check with very minimal disassembly – the drain trap. Many front load washers have a drain trap … Read More

How to Stop a “Walking” Washer

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A walking washer is a common issue in which your washer vibrates with so much motion that it starts to move. It literally starts walking out of position and can get as far as the plug and hoses let it. Obviously, if it starts unplugging itself and yanking the drain hose out of proper position, this is an issue. Of … Read More

Don’t Let Oven Misuse Ruin Your Appliance

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How you use your range oven on a day-to-day basis can have a lasting effect on its overall performance and lifespan. Unfortunately, most range owners don’t realize their actions are potentially harming their appliance. While normal wear and tear is unavoidable, constant misuse will accelerate that process, meaning components will malfunction at a much faster rate. Luckily, learning how to … Read More