How to Stop Soap Suds From Invading Your Dishwasher

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Soap suds bubbling out of your dishwasher door and onto your kitchen floor is a sight no homeowner wants to witness. The messy foam like substance can damage your kitchen cabinets and floor, if it’s not spotted immediately. Fortunately, most of the time, soap suds are not caused by a component malfunction, instead the bubbly overflow is a result of … Read More

The Freezer is Running But It Is Not Getting Cold

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You hear that familiar low hum from your refrigerator that signifies it is indeed running, but when you open the freezer section, it is like a spring day in there. Your food is thawing and the whole compartment isn’t cold at all. The refrigerator is running, though! Here is what could be wrong. Improper Temperature Settings Many refrigerators produce cold … Read More

Why hire a Refrigerator Repair Expert?

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A refrigerator is a frequently used appliance in your home. In case of a technical problem, it is advisable to hire a professional repair technician to come in and solve the problem. Here are the top reasons why you should hire a professional to take care of your refrigerator repair.  Saves Time  When your appliance has technical problems, and you … Read More

How to Test the Lid Switch in Your Washer

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It such a small switch, but it has such a huge effect. The lid switch on your washer is essentially a safety mechanism. It is what allows the washer to start when the lid is closed, and what is responsible for stopping the appliance when the lid is abruptly opened. This switch is what keeps water from sloshing all over … Read More

Is There Mold in My Dryer?

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Have you smelled something distinctly musty coming from the inside of your dryer lately? You likely know the smell. You have sniffed it in your washer, your bathroom, maybe even in your dishwasher once or twice. It is the smell of mold and mildew, something that can appear anywhere with frequent exposure to water. Your dryer is not one of … Read More

Is Rinse Aid Necessary For Clean Dishes?

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While most appliance owners are pretty familiar with their dishwasher and how it works, they may not know too much about rinse aid. Perhaps the rinse aid in their dishwasher has ran out or even the dispenser is no longer working. If this happens, you may wonder – how integral is rinse aid to the dish washing process? If you … Read More

How to Replace the Cycling Thermostat in Your Whirlpool Dryer

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In order for your clothes to dry, the temperature inside your Whirlpool electric dryer can reach as high as 135 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperature hits its peak, your appliance’s cycling thermostat, also known as an operating thermostat, turns off the dryer’s heating element, causing the temperature to drop. The opposite occurs when the temperature falls below a certain degree, … Read More