Why The Turntable In Your Microwave Isn’t Working

January 6, 2020
Microwave Repair

When your microwave heats food, it uses a turntable to, as you would expect, rotate the food. This ensures that the waves reach your entire dish. While your food will still heat if the turntable in your microwave no longer works, you will find that the side facing the waveguide will get screaming hot while the other side of your food will be lukewarm. Essentially, you need to stop and rotate your dish yourself.

While self-rotating your food is simple, so, too, is repairing a non-functional turntable in your microwave. While microwaves can carry a lethal shock even when unplugged, this repair typically does not go near those parts. So you do not need to discharge them.

When a turntable stops working, it is due to two reasons – the motor or the coupler. The coupler is the three-pronged plastic piece that sits under the turntable. The motor rotates this coupler that rotates the turntable. However, if this part has broken, it may not work. Similarly, if the motor is faulty, the coupler won’t rotate.

In some models, the couple may be able to be pulled right up. However, other models will require you to disconnect and remove the motor first. To remove the motor, whether it is to replace the coupler or the motor itself, it will have to be done underneath the microwave. You will have to remove the screws on the back of the microwave to pull off the outer casing. Grab the microwaves by the sides and lay it down. The motor can then be disconnected from the wires and pulled off at the bottom. The coupler is held on by a drive shaft. Once that shaft is out, the coupler will come off.

While this repair is pretty easy, microwaves are a dangerous appliance. If you don’t feel comfortable making the repair, contact us to see what Central Valley Appliance Repair can do to help.


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