Troubleshooting a Troublesome Microwave Display

May 13, 2019
Microwave Repair

Many homeowners aren’t very comfortable with DIY microwave repair, and sometimes for good reason. However, if your microwave display is acting up, typically you can repair this safely by yourself. You do need to be able to correctly diagnose symptoms of a troublesome display in order to make the correct repairs, though.

If your microwave display is acting up, typically you can look to two culprits – the membrane switch and the control board. The membrane switch is the part you actually touch while the control panel receives and sends the signals.

If your microwave display lights up when you touch the buttons, but nothing actually happens, then it is likely you have a problem with your membrane switch. If the mylar that makes up this membrane has warped over time, it is likely that it is not making the connections that it needs to.

Alternatively, if the touchpad seems to respond, but nothing is happening, the problem most likely lies with the actual control board. This is essentially the brain of your microwave the sends the input signals out so that your microwave knows what to do and how long to do it.

In both cases, to access the membrane or the control board, you will need to disconnect the microwave from the power and remove the cabinet to access the parts. While replacement seems complex when you first open it up, it really is just another case of unplugging and plugging a new part in.

If you are not comfortable tinkering around in your microwave to make a repair, you can always contact us to have a professional hand look into it. We can help get your microwave back in working shape so that it does what you need it to do.


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