How to Replace Your Whirlpool Microwave’s Door

October 22, 2018
Microwave Repair
When parts of your microwave break, it can be dangerous. If your microwave’s door is broken, such as with cracked glass, there’s no longer a tight seal protecting you from the microwave when it’s working. A broken door latch might also protect your microwave from working altogether. If your microwave’s door shows any signs of damage, replace it. Order part #W10247772 for your Whirlpool model.

1. Unplug the microwave.

Microwaves are particularly dangerous when it comes to electrical shocks, especially given their size. Make sure you unplug the appliance or flip the appropriate circuit breaker before making any repairs.

2. Remove the vent grille.

Rotate the microwave so you can easily access the bottom. Next, locate the vent along the (now) top of the appliance. Loosen the two screws holding it in position. Then remove the vent grille by lifting it free of the three tabs holding it in place at the bottom of the grille.

3. Uninstall the door.

Now you can remove the door assembly from the hinges along the side. First, loosen the screw securing the door to the ‘top’ hinge. Next, lift the door up to pull the hinge pin free of the bottom hinge.

4. Install the new microwave door.

First, orient the new door so the hinge pin is pointed towards the bottom. Next, insert the hinge pin on the into the frame’s hook. Then press the door flush with the body of the microwave and line up the top with the hinge. Retighten the hinge screw to fully secure it.

5. Reinstall the vent grille.

Slide the vent grille back into position over the three bottom tabs. Once it’s in position, slightly lift it so the screws can grab onto it and the frame of the microwave. Retighten the two screws you previously removed. Then reorient the microwave and plug it in.
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