How to Replace Your Kenmore Microwave’s Air Damper

October 29, 2018
Microwave Repair
If the top of your microwave looks corroded above the exhaust vent, it’s time to replace the air damper. You might also need to replace this part if its flapper isn’t opening to allow air exhaust out during use. Order replacement part #W10843943 for your Kenmore microwave. Then follow these steps to replace the part.

1. Unplug your microwave.

During the course of this repair, you will need to move the microwave from its fixed position. Unplug the appliance before you get started to stay safe from electrical shocks.

2. Uninstall your microwave and move it to a workspace.

Many microwaves are now secured to the wall above the stove or under a cabinet. If this is true for your microwave, you need to pull it down to access the air damper. Follow your specific kit’s installation guide to undo the supports. Check both the top and bottom of the installation for support screws, and have a second person help support the microwave’s weight during installation.

3. Remove the old air damper.

Locate the air damper at the top of the appliance. Next, loosen the screw on the right side of the rectangular part. After that, slide the damper free in the direction of the screw you removed to slide the tab free. Set the old part aside.

4. Install the new air damper.

Slide the new part in place over the exhaust vent. Make sure the tab is secured by both smaller tabs on either side of damper’s tab. Then tighten the screw to fully secure the new part.

5. Reinstall the microwave.

Every microwave’s installation is different. Follow your hardware’s specific steps. Make sure the supports are fully in place before letting go of the microwave during reinstallation, especially if you’re attaching it to your wall. Then plug in the microwave.
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