How to Open a Stuck Microwave Door

March 9, 2020
Microwave Repair

If your microwave suddenly will not open, the problem it is having it a pretty obvious one – there is something wrong with the door latch or door latch assembly. When these components experience a malfunction, it can only malfunction in two very specific ways. The door with either not latch closed or it will not open. Either way, it results in not being able to use your microwave.

Luckily, as far as microwave repairs go, fixing a door latch problem is rather simple and requires very little disassembly. In fact, the repair of a door that won’t open isn’t hard at all. The hard part is actually figuring out how to get the door open. However, the act of getting the door open means that the repair is halfway done already.

The following steps are generalized instructions and these can vary by brand and model.

To begin, unplug the appliance. Now you will be able to find a cover that is over an access panel that leads to the door latch lever. In most models, this will be accessible around the door area. In some cases, you may actually have to pop the control panel off in order to find this access panel. So if it is not immediately apparent where it is, this is likely the case.

Once you find the access panel, you can manually disengage the latches so the door opens. Once done, you can remove the panel covering the latches and pull them out. If they are broken or simply sticking, you will want to just replace the latches. The part is cheap and usually not as durable as the rest of the microwave. Replacing them is the simplest fix for this problem.

Opening a microwave with a stuck door is pretty simple, but microwaves are dangerous appliances even when unplugged. If you have a microwave problem and need help, contact us today to see what Central Valley Appliance repair can do for you.


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