Diagnosing Why Your Microwave Keeps Shutting Off Seconds After Starting

December 21, 2018
Microwave Repair

A microwave is one of those appliances you don’t fully realize how much you need it until it isn’t working. One of the most frustrating ways a microwave can malfunction is after starting it up, it runs for a few seconds and then it just shuts off. While there is a pretty common cause of this issue, there are some other malfunction parts that can cause it as well. So it is all about troubleshooting which part you need to replace.

Culprit 1: The Door Switch

For this issue, the door switch is usually what will cause it. Essentially the door switch will malfunction early into the cycle and it will cause the microwave to think the door is open, and thus shut off for safety reasons. Inspecting the door switch for any burning or arcing is the best way to troubleshoot it, but if no signs are visible, test it with a multimeter.

Culprit 2: Touch pad

At times, a faulty touch pad and control panel can trick a microwave into shutting off prematurely. If your microwave is shutting off soon after starting and some buttons on your touch pad are not working or the display is not correct, then this is the likely culprit. Even if it isn’t causing the issue, the touch pad will still need replacement if it is not working.

Culprit 3: Thermoprotector

The thermoprotector is a safeguard that keeps the microwave from overheating. If it is faulty, it can prematurely cut off your microwave. This can be difficult to detect, but testing with a multimeter will usually find faults.

Culprit 4: The Main Control Board

Often with this issue, a fault in the main control board is misdiagnosed when the issue was really caused by easier and cheaper fixes. However, if you have exhausted all other options, a control board fault is likely. Unfortunately, this can be a difficult repair and it may be best to call a professional or simply replace the microwave altogether.

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