New Monkeys and More Tour at Animal Tracks Near Los Angeles

March 12, 2020
Los Angeles

If you’ve always wanted to pet wild animals without worrying about the downside, Animal Tracks near Los Angeles is the ranch for you. They offer a range of tours and other experiences where everyone stays safe, and the animals receive the best of care. Plus, starting this year, they’re introducing a new tour called Monkeys and More that combines many of their most popular features. Here’s some more information.

How did Animal Tracks get started?

Stacy and Tom Gunderson were college sweethearts. Tom became an elephant keeper, and Stacy worked for a movie animal company. After they were married about 10 years, they took over an animal sanctuary for a friend who could no longer maintain it. Today, it’s an amazing nonprofit and a happy home for former exotic pets and other animals who can’t be returned to the wild. In addition to monkeys, you might interact with reptiles, ferrets, an armadillo, opossums, a fennec fox, wolf hybrids, cavies, a pig, a serval, and kangaroos.

What can I do there?

Animal Tracks offers a wide range of packaged and private tours and educational sessions for individuals, schools, and businesses. Prices and age limits vary, but your whole family can enjoy Safari Sundays for just $25. It’s a one hour program for kids and adults of all ages with the friendliest animals including hedgehogs, sugar gliders, kangaroos, and that fennec fox. Nearby attractions include the Agua Dulce Winery and Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park.

How can I support them?

Donations and volunteers are welcome and appreciated! You can also bring produce and other approved items to help feed the animals.

How do I get there?

Sign up for a tour online and you’ll get directions to the Animal Tracks ranch in the Santa Clarita Valley.

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