Best Hikes Around Los Angeles

September 30, 2019
Los Angeles

Exploring Los Angeles is more than just going shopping and eating at all the great restaurants. There are also a lot of great hiking trails around the city that can help you get out to see some of its more hidden wonders. If you have a thirst for adventure, then give these hiking trails around Los Angeles a try.

Malibu Creek State Park

This park has been used a few times in the past as a shooting location, so don’t be too worried about the rusted-out old army jeeps that were leftover from MASH. Of course, the park is still recovering from wildfire in 2018, but it is open and ready for exploration. Definitely plan a hike for the spring when the wildflowers go crazy.

Escondido Falls

No one can say no to a waterfall. If you are just working up to the longer hikes, this hike that works out to just under four miles round trip is a good way to start. The trail leads to a beautiful two-tiered, 200-foot waterfall that is even more impressive if you head the day after a rainstorm.

La Jolla Canyon Loop

The great thing about many California hikes, especially those near LA, is that you get the best of both worlds when it comes to views. On the La Jolla Canyon Loop in Point Mugu State Park, you get both stunning mountain views and ocean views along the trail that falls just short of a 12-mile trek. Lengthy, for sure, but the ocean air and views make it a great hike.

Bridge to Nowhere

This is one of those must-have adventures among those who hike around Los Angeles. It is the 10-mile round trip that leads to a bridge that just randomly there and goes nowhere. It has a unique history behind it that is just for you to discover. It features some nice views and the hike to it feels very much like the kind of intrepid adventure you were looking for.


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