Why Your Dryer Rips Your Clothing

July 29, 2019
Dryer Repair

There are some items of clothing like silk or lace that are very delicate. They need to be dried at a very low speed or even air dried to prevent damage. However, if your dryer has started ripping more sturdy clothing such as your t-shirts or even blue jeans, it is not an issue with the clothing, but rather the dryer itself. Ripped clothing in your dryer is not often considered an appliance repair problem, but when sturdy clothes come out with rips, it definitely is.

There are two potential causes as to why your dryer is ripping your clothing. The first potential cause is that the dryer drum has dropped. This will cause space to form between the drum and the casing of the dryer where clothing can get snagged and shredded. This can be caused by a number of different malfunctions including damaged rollers and the front or rear seal or bearings wearing out. When this happens you will be able to visually notice it, and if it has hurt your laundry, it needs to be fixed.

The second potential cause is actual physical damage to the drum itself. If you have put hard objects in your dryer for any reason, they could have potentially damaged the interior. This can cause jagged areas inside that can catch and rip clothing. Unfortunately, the only real repair for this issue is to either attempt to sand away the rough areas or to replace the drum itself for large areas of damage.

Unfortunately, if your dryer has started shredding clothing, both issues that are likely responsible are pretty involved repairs. If you are not comfortable taking apart your dryer or don’t know if you can find the correct replacement part, contact us today. Central Valley Appliance can help get your dryer fixed fast and make sure it is done right.


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