Why Your Clothes Aren’t Dry After an Automatic Dryer Cycle

December 6, 2019
Dryer Repair

If you own a newer dryer, it may have an automatic dry cycle that senses how moist your unique load of laundry is and adjusts the dry time accordingly. This means that your laundry comes out perfectly dry each time, except when it doesn’t. If you have found that your laundry isn’t getting perfectly dried by the automatic dry cycle, it could be an indicator of a problem or you may just need to make some adjustments.

Proper Load Size

If you only washed a handful of items, you will have to use the timed dry. The automatic dry cycle in your dryer functions by using moisture detecting strips inside the dryer tub. However, the clothing has to reliably touch these strips for the sensors to activate. If there are only a few items, then they won’t reliably hit them.

Dirty Moisture Sensors

The moisture sensor strips in your dryer are typically two metal strips located in the front of your dryer. As fabric softener has a waxy consistency, it has a bad habit of building upon these sensors and dampening their sensing ability. You may want to go in and make sure these metal sensing strips are cleaned off.

Malfunctioning Moisture Sensor

If you have checked the above, then all that is left is that the moisture sensor is faulty. If it is, then it can cause the dryer to run indefinitely or run for a few minutes, and then stop. If this is the case, the moisture sensors will need to be replaced.

While troubleshooting this issue is quick to do, you may wish to have some help repairing it. Since you can still use the timed dry function, this isn’t exactly an urgent repair, but if you want your dryer at full function, contact us today. Central Valley Appliance can help you get all your appliances fixed up quickly.


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