Why Is My Dryer Squeaking?

June 1, 2020
Dryer Repair

You don’t fully realize how many rotations your dryer makes during a cycle until it squeaks on every single one. Even a slight squeak can be maddening and you obviously want it fixed as soon as possible. However, the cause of this noise can differ depending on where the squeak is coming from. You will want to get close and discern if it is coming from the top, back, or bottom of your appliance.

Top Squeaking

If the squeaking of your dryer appears to be coming from the top of your unit, the cause may be the drive belt. This part is used to rotate the actual drum of your dryer and if it is coming loose, it can manifest in noise before non-function. It could also be an felt that wraps around the drum opening acting as a bearing that could be worn down over time.

To check, you will want to open the top of your dryer and physically inspect the belt. It could be coming loose and simply need readjusting. However, you may want to consider replacing it as these belts do not come loose for no reason.

Bottom Squeaking

Squeaking from the bottom of your dryer can be two causes. The first could be a wobbly foot on the appliance scraping on the floor and causing noise. The second could be that the motor that spins the drive belt is failing. If your dryer does not wobble, you may want to call a professional technician to inspect the motor. Or it could the idler pulley

Back Squeaking

If you hear squeaking coming from the back of the dryer, it could be a simple case of your drum bearings needing lubrication or replaced. These assist the drum is rotating and can dry up over time. A simple application of zoom spout oil which is used for high-temperature cases.

While you can troubleshoot this issue yourself, sometimes it is just faster to leave it to the professionals. If you are having a dryer or other appliance issue, contact us today to see what Central Valley Appliance can do to help.


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