Why a Dryer is Stuck Drying in Air Fluff

March 19, 2020
Dryer Repair

Typically when a dryer is spinning, but not heating, the first thing you suspect is a problem with the heat. This is a good first instinct. You will want to check the heating element and the high limit thermostat that will shut off power to the heating element if the appliance got too hot. However, if you test both with a multimeter and find that they actually appear functional, it is time to investigate the lesser-known suspects.

If your dryer only works in low heat or no heat, a less obvious suspect is the timer. In some cases, you may find that a contact in the timer is either completely faulty or it is stuck. This means that some drying cycles will work and some drying cycles will not work. In some cases, it can even have the same symptoms as a faulty heating element, which is what can make it so hard to detect.

The good news is that if you do test the timer and find that one contact is stuck or not working, replacing the timer is infinitely easier than replacing a heating element in a dryer. If you disassembled the control panel to test the timer, you have actually done most of the hard work already. The timer will need to be dismounted from the panel and the wire harnesses will need to be removed. Once done, a new timer can be plugged in and mounted. This should immediately fix your issue and allow the heating elements to activate again.

If you have tested all of the above or aren’t sure where to start, contact us. Central Valley Appliance Repair is here to help for problems that prove too difficult for the intrepid DIY appliance owner to handle. Appliances are finicky and sometimes they just need a professional hand to get working quickly.


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