Replacing the Dryer Hose Connecting to the Vent

March 22, 2019
Dryer Repair

When a dryer is installed, it is connected to a ventilation shaft in your home via a flexible metallic hose. This hose is tasked with taking the hot, moist air generated by drying your clothes and taking it outside. Unfortunately, this hose is prone to two big problems. The first is that is can become obstructed with lint. If you are not diligent in cleaning out the lint trap, it can gather in the hose. This not only affects the dryer’s ability to dry, but it can become a very serious fire hazard as well.

To prevent this, many try to clean out this hose, and this can lead to the second issue. The material the hose is made out of makes it flexible, but it is not the most durable material in the world. It can be crushed and ripped. When this happens, you will literally start to hemorrhage hot, moist air. This can damage drywall, promote mold growth, and limit your dryer’s ability to dry your clothes.

If either problem is an issue you are facing, it is better to just replace the hose. The repair is actually a simple one. The tricky part is ensuring the rest of the vent run through the wall is cleaned, too. We recommend reaching out to a professional for this service.

Most hoses are not actually screwed onto the dryer or the vent. Instead, they are tightly held in place by a tube clamp or foil tape – sometimes even both. You simply need to remove the clamp and/or tape from both ends to remove the hose and to secure the new hose with the clamp or new foil tape. It is actually recommended to use both foil tape and the clamp, since this will work double duty to prevent any leaking air, increasing your energy efficiency.

This repair may be a simple one, but many other dryer repairs can often be much more complicated. If you have a broken dryer and aren’t sure what to do, contact us today.


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