Replacing a Drive Belt in a Kenmore Dryer

June 13, 2019
Dryer Repair

If your dryer seems to work as designed, but the tub is not actually rotating, then the most likely cause is a broken dryer belt. Dryers operate using a drive belt that helps to rotate the tub with a motor. However, if this belt has come loose or broke during the last use, the tub will not rotate. The heat will still be pumped in, but your clothes will not dry without that rotation. Thankfully, replacing a drive belt in your Kenmore dryer is relatively simple, but you will need to take apart a fair amount of your appliance in order to reach it.

This process will only work with Kenmore dryers made by Whirlpool with the lint screen on top.

Start this repair by shutting off the power to your dryer for safety. Before beginning, you will need to remove the lint screen as well as unscrew the screws that secure its housing. After doing so, you will be able to lift the top hood of your Kenmore dryer by releasing the locking tabs that secure it.

Now release the wire harness from the front of the dryer and unthread the screws. You will now be able to remove the front panel and have access to the drive belt. The drive belt should be placed on a pulley system below the dryer tub. If it has simply come off the track, you may be able to just reposition it. However, if it is broken or noticeably cracking, you will want to replace it with a new drive belt. When reinstalling, make sure the belt is snug and even on the track so that it doesn’t come off and you do not risk more damage.

After reassembling your dryer, you should run a test cycle to make sure the tub spins. During the next few dryer cycles, be sure to be aware of any smells. The smell of burning rubber can be a sign that the belt was not installed properly.


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