How to Tell if Your Dryer is Overheating

January 10, 2020
Dryer Repair

When a gas or electric dryer overheats, it can cause serious problems. Your appliance and/or clothing might suffer damage. It’s also possible that a fire could break out if you don’t take action quickly. These symptoms may indicate overheating:

1. Hot Exterior
The appliance’s outer housing might feel unusually hot when this happens. Be sure to check the flat surface on top of the equipment. Depending on the cause of the problem, your clothes may or may not seem excessively hot.

2. Shutting Down
Many dryers will shut off automatically when they overheat. However, this isn’t the only reason why your appliance might do so. Don’t rely on this feature to prevent a fire; it doesn’t activate soon enough or work correctly in every instance.

3. Error Code
If your dryer has a digital display, it might display a code. The meaning of this number or acronym differs depending on the brand. Codes like “E3” and “HE” could indicate overheating but may refer to other problems as well.

4. Burning Odor
Does it smell like something is burning? If so, the equipment is probably overheating and lint may have started to catch fire. Don’t ignore this odor under any circumstances; turn off the appliance right away. Check the drum and air vent for smoke.

Potential Causes
Your clothes dryer might overheat due to a clogged duct or vent. A faulty thermostat or dirty lint filter could also be to blame. Warped heating elements have been known to trigger this problem as well. An appliance repair professional can help you identify the cause.

If you need expert assistance to stop your dryer from overheating, please contact us today. Our skillful technicians know how to diagnose and correct a tremendous variety of appliance problems. We service equipment from a wide range of brands.


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