Faulty Parts That Will Cause a Dryer Not to Start

November 25, 2019
Dryer Repair

If your dryer will not start at all, there are a few simple things to check first, such as if the door is shut completely or if the dryer is unplugged. Unfortunately, there may come a day when a more complex problem will present itself. If you have checked the obvious reasons a dryer isn’t working, now it is time to investigate the faulty parts that could be preventing your dryer from starting.

Door Switch

If your dryer door is not closed, it will never start. Why? Because the door switch needs to be activated in order for the dryer to start. However, if the door switch is faulty, it may read that the door is open even when it is closed, preventing the dryer from starting.

Thermal Fuse

A thermal fuse in your dryer is meant to cut power if the dryer is overheating to prevent a fire. In some dryers, this means it will cut electricity to the heating element only. In other dryers, it may cut electricity to the whole appliance. The fuse is a one time use, so if it is tripped, it needs replaced. You will also want to investigate as to why it overheated.


If the timer is faulty, your dryer won’t receive the proper signals it needs to proceed to a cycle. Typically, you will see power running to your dryer, but it will not work because they timer isn’t sending the correct signals.

Main Control Board

If the control board is faulty, everything about your dryer can go quite sideways. Before it officially quits, you will notice a lot of strange symptoms because the control board is the brain of your dryer. If it has burned out or melted due to electrical malfunction, the board needs to be replaced because nothing will happen in your appliance without it. You may want to consult professional help to figure out how it happened as well.


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