What to Do When Your Dishwasher Tilts Forward

July 16, 2019
Dishwasher Repair

Whether it is a new installation or a long-standing one if your dishwasher tilts when you open the door or with the weight of full dish racks, you have a problem. While a slight tilting can be expected with the dish racks themselves, the dishwashing machine should stay perfectly level. If it does not, repair needs to be made.

If this is happening with your new dishwasher, it means it has not been installed correctly. You should call your appliance company and make sure they come and install it correctly. However, if it is happening with an old model, it is happening for the same reason as it would with a new installation – Mounting bracket failure.

In order to keep your dishwasher from tilting up into the space below your countertop, it is secured to the cabinets via the sides and/or the top with mounting brackets and screws. In new installations, they may have forgotten to install the mounting brackets or secure them correctly. However, in older dishwashers, it is likely these mounting brackets have become damaged or the counter/cabinets have been damaged.

Over time, the mounting brackets may be exposed to ambient humidity from your dishwasher, particularly top brackets. This can cause rust and may even cause the screws to loosen. This means that if your dishwasher tilts, you may simply need to resecure the screws on the mounting brackets. However, if enough damage has been done, you may need to replace the mounting brackets themselves to resecure your dishwasher.

If your new installation tilts, you may not want to contact the company that installed it if they broke your trust and didn’t do it right the first time. However, regardless of if it is a new installation or a very old one, we can help get your dishwasher resecured. Contact us today to see how Central Valley Appliance can get all your appliances back in working order.


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