What to Do About Dish Racks That No Longer Roll Out


Dish racks are a curious thing, they will always come out, but they won’t necessarily be rolling out. The dish racks inside your dishwasher are meant to move on small plastic wheels placed in a track. The wheels roll along the track so the rack rolls out smoothly. The wheels will then hit the stop to prevent the rack from coming out of the appliance completely. However, if your dish rack is stuck or you have to work excessively hard to get it to move, you have a problem.

What you will want to do is first check the track for obstructions. It is a rarity, but if food or other dish items get wedged in there, the wheels will not be able to move. Furthermore, if the tracks get bent due to impact or other physical trauma, they may catch the wheels and keep them from rolling.

If the track itself checks out, your will next want to examine the wheels on the dish rack. If they are not turning or are broken, you will need to replace them. To replace these wheels, you will want to remove the end caps on the tracks, which should snap off, in order to remove the dish rack. Now you can remove the wheels and rack adjuster from the dish rack by unsnapping it from the rack. The replacement will want to be installed in roughly the same area, so you may want to make a note of it before unsnapping the wheel.

The good news is that this is particularly easy to do and the replacement part is very cheap. However, you want to make sure you get the right replacement for your model as often one size does not fit all in the case of dishwasher rack wheels. You want to make sure it runs along the track smoothly and over or undersized wheels may prevent that.


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