What to Check When Your Dishwasher Stops Drying Dishes

March 12, 2020
Dishwasher Repair

Your dishwasher has the benefit of washing your dishes well and saving you time. However, its most underappreciated function is that it also dries them. Without drying, you will have water spots and maybe even residue. It is something you will definitely start to notice if you open your dishwasher up and find your dishes still pretty wet.

When a dishwasher has stopped drying your dishes, providing you did not turn off the heated dry function before the wash yourself, there is something wrong. The two main suspects are the heating element that provides the heat for a dry cycle and the high limit thermostat that will trip if the temperature becomes too hot inside the appliance.

Both items can actually be tested with a multimeter to check if they are working. If the high limit thermostat has been tripped, as a one-time use part, you will need to replace it. Unfortunately, this means that something else is wrong and caused the temperature to get too hot. You may actually want to test the heating element and the thermostat control as well even if the high limit thermostat seems to be the faulty part.

If it is the heating element itself, this is a pretty easy part to replace. It is very much a case of just unscrewing it, unplugging the wire harness, and plugging the new one in. However, when installing it, you need to make sure it is secured very tightly to the appliance to ensure a waterproof seal. Not doing so can lead to leaks or further malfunction.

If you have checked both of these items and they seem to work, or can’t figure out how to check them, contact us today. Central Valley Appliance Repair is ready to come out and get your dishwasher and other appliances fixed up fast.


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