What to Check When a Dishwasher Won’t Start

February 24, 2020
Dishwasher Repair

Of all the appliance problems to have, having an appliance that just plain old won’t start is a frustrating one. If it were having problems, but it was still running, then you could diagnose those symptoms. However, when the only symptom is non-function, then it can be difficult to know what is going wrong. If your dishwasher isn’t even trying to start up, here is what you should be checking so you can make sure the right repair gets made.

Door Latch / Door Switches

Not unlike other appliances, like a dryer or a microwave, your dishwasher needs to have its door closed before it will run. The door latch keeps the door firmly closed and the door switches sense if the dishwasher door is closed. If you cannot latch your door or the sensors do not detect it is actually closed due to malfunction, it can prevent your dishwasher from starting. You will want to check the switches with a multimeter if your door does latch just in case.

Drive Motor

If your dishwasher is filling, then sitting with water in it, then it could be a drive motor. This motor is responsible for circulating the water in order to wash the dishes. Typically you will be able to hear it running, so if you hear nothing, then this may be your culprit.


The timer in your dishwasher is responsible for telling the appliance when to do what functions. It is what changes cycles. However, if the timer is faulty, it may not begin the first step which can lead to non-function in the appliance.

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