How to Stop a Foaming Dishwasher

September 29, 2019
Dishwasher Repair

If you are new to using a dishwashing appliance, there is a particular event that can happen – foaming. If you walk into your kitchen and discover your dishwasher is full of foam or even leaking soap foam, then action needs to be taken. This is caused by one thing – using the wrong product in the dishwasher. Dish soap that you use to wash dishes in the sink is not the same soap used in a dishwasher. If you do put it in there, either as residue on dishes or just as the detergent, it will foam up like crazy.

It is a lesson someone only needs to learn once, but you will still want to know what to do about it. Start by opening the dishwasher and placing in a cup of table salt. You will now want to stop the wash process and instead run a rinse cycle. The salt will counteract the foaming and the rinse cycle will make sure that it is swiftly swept away. Unfortunately, once the cycle is complete, it does not mean your dishes are complete. You will instead want to wash your dishes again using the correct detergent inside as well as to make sure that any dish soap residue is completely removed.

If any of the foam escaped the dishwasher, it needs to be cleaned up and then gone over again with a clean towel or mop until all the residue is fully removed. You will know if it has not been removed eventually as the residue will become sticky. You will also need to wipe down the exterior of the dishwasher so it isn’t subject to that stickiness as well.

Foaming in a dishwasher doesn’t need an actual repair, and soap residue can usually be fully removed. However, if you are having more serious problems with your dishwasher or other appliance, contact us today to see how Central Valley Appliance Repair can help.


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