How to Replace the Door Latch Assembly in Your LG Dishwasher

July 2, 2018
Dishwasher Repair
If you push the start button on your LG dishwasher model LDF6810BB, and it doesn’t turn on, don’t panic. The malfunction preventing your appliance from operating may simply be a failing door latch assembly.
The door latch assembly on your dishwasher has two important functions. First, it keeps the door locked and stops water from leaking out while your appliance cleans your dishes. Second, when the door is closed securely, the latch assembly sends a message to the control board, letting it know the dishwasher is ready to start. If the door latch assembly is malfunctioning, your dishwasher won’t receive the message and will not turn on. Luckily, replacing a failing door latch is a repair you can accomplish on your own

How to Replace a Door Latch Assembly on Your LG Dishwasher

Safety should always be your first priority. Before getting started, either unplug your dishwasher or turn it off at the circuit breaker. Wearing work gloves and safety goggles is also highly recommended.
  1. To reach the latch assembly, you’ll need to separate the inner and outer doors of your dishwasher. Start by opening the dishwasher’s door. Next, find the six screws located on each side of the dishwasher’s inner door. Using a Philips screwdriver, remove the screws and place them in a safe area.
  2. Now, you’ll need to remove the top six screws securing the doors together.
  3. Separate the inner and outer doors, and set the outer door in a safe area where it will not acquire any damage.
  4. With your Philips screwdriver, remove the last two remaining screws found on the edges of the door latch opening. These screws hold the control panel in place
  5. Carefully pull the control panel off the front of the dishwasher door. Find the door latch assembly and remove it from the control panel. Rest the control panel on the floor while you take a picture of the door latch and how the wires are connected to the part. This will make attaching the wires to the new latch assembly much easier.
  6. Using a flat head screwdriver, disconnect the wires from the door latch.
  7. Utilizing the picture you took earlier as a reference point, connect the wires to your new door latch.
  8. After you have reattached the wires, insert the tab on the bottom of the door latch assembly into the empty slot on the control panel.
  9. Using the two screws you removed earlier, attach the control panel to the front of your dishwasher.
  10. Reinstall your dishwasher’s outer door. Make sure all twelve screws are securely attached before closing the door.
  11. Plug your dishwasher back in, or turn the power back on at the circuit breaker. Load your dishwasher with dirty dishes and start a clean cycle to ensure the repair has gone smoothly.
If your dishwasher still isn’t starting after you replaced the door latch assembly, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you figure out what malfunction is preventing your appliance from operating.

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