How to Replace a Detergent Dispenser in Your Dishwasher

June 24, 2019
Dishwasher Repair

If your dishwasher isn’t producing clean dishes, it can be indicative of a number of different problems. However, if during your investigation you discover that your detergent dispenser never opened to release the detergent, it is likely the faulty part. Dishwashers can clean many of your dishes with just water alone, but the detergent makes it more efficient, especially when removing stuck on food particles. As this is a crucial part of its function, a faulty detergent dispenser needs to be replaced quickly. However, as far as dishwasher repairs go, this is a simple one.

Before beginning the repair, disconnect your dishwasher from its power source by flipping the switch at your circuit breaker. You do not need to shut off the water, but you can if you wish to take further safety measures.

In order to remove the faulty detergent dispenser, you will need to remove the outer panel of your dishwasher front. To do this, open the door and remove the Torx screws from the inner edge of the door. Be sure to support the panel so it does not fall. You will need to next release the wire harnesses from the control panel to completely remove the outer panel.

You will now be able to remove the wire harness from your dispenser. To remove it from your dishwasher, you will need to remove the mounting screws and pull off the mounting bracket. The mounting bracket can remain connected to the wiring as it will be reused. Finally, you can release the locking tabs on the old dispenser and remove it.

Inserting the new dispenser, make sure the locking tabs click. Afterward, you can reattach the mounting bracket, its wire harness, and reassemble your dishwasher.

While this repair is well within the comfortable limits for the average appliance owner, if your dishwasher does not produce clean dishes, something more serious may be wrong. If you need help making the right repair and need it done quickly, contact us today.


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