How to Replace a Damaged Pump Gasket in Your LG Dishwasher

August 27, 2018
Dishwasher Repair
The pump gasket in your LG dishwasher model LDS5040WW is located around the edge of the pump. It’s the main job is to stop leaks from occurring between the pump housing and the filter housing. Due to age and exposure to dishwasher detergent, the rubber seal can become brittle. Cracks in the gasket can lead to leaks underneath your dishwasher. If you need to replace the pump gasket in your dishwasher, simply follow the repair guide provided below.

How to Replace the Pump Gasket in Your Dishwasher

Never start a repair before unplugging your appliance or turning it off at the circuit breaker. Always wear safety goggles and work gloves to protect your eyes and hands from injury as you work on fixing your appliance.
  1. Open your dishwasher’s door and remove the upper and lower dish racks.
  2. Pull up on the lower spray arm to remove it from your appliance.
  3. To release the water guide retaining clip, use a Phillips screwdriver to unthread the screw near the base of the water guide tube. Now pull the water guide off the upper and rear mounting brackets. Once the guide is loose, rotate it to release it from the filter assembly.
  4. Remove all the screws that secure the filter assembly to the dishwasher’s tub. After the screws are detached, lift the filter assembly up and take it out of your appliance.
  5. Take the old pump gasket off the pump, and install the new gasket around the pump housing.
  6. Reinstall the filter housing and secure it with the screws you removed earlier
  7. Insert the water guide into the opening in the filter housing. Rotate the guide to lock it in place. Push the tube into the rear and upper mounting brackets, and reattach the retaining clip at the bottom of the water guide.
  8. Snap the lower wash arm into place by pushing down on it. After the spray arm is secure, spin it around to ensure it rotates freely. Reinsert the upper and lower dish racks, and close your dishwasher’s door.
  9. Plug your appliance back in or turn it on at the circuit breaker. Fill your dishwasher with dirty dishes, and run a wash cycle to test out the new pump gasket.
If your dishwasher is still leaking after the repair is completed, please contact ustoday to schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained technicians.

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