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Job Details: 08/31/2018
WHIRLPOOL REFRIGERATOR WRF989SDAM00 Customers issue is they had temperature concerns and freezer also icemaker not producing ice and pantry user interface display is not lit up. I entered refrigerator into diagnostics Ran test 56 multiple times kept on receiving E2 code motor is losing position.Tried running test 57 and to try to get ice maker to function properly still had no luck and it would not find a home position. Also found pantry user interface shorted out due to moisture Or water seeping inside underneath the board. Also user interface at dispenser lighting display is only lit up on half the board And also SW5 and SW6 buttons on display are not responding to touch. Ordering parts listed needs authorization; ordrng 1 W10861908 (cntrl-elec) and 1 WPW10565996 (cntrl-elec) and 1 WPW10764668 (ice maker), On return visit replaced ui control And also make control board and back of refrigerator. Also replaced Defective pantry user interface board. Checked all functions of refrigera